What Lens Should I buy?

Choosing a Lens

You probably think that after having a new dslr camera, the next plan  may be you can say what lens should I buy. Let me show you quick information about the lens before going to buy one and understand every lens talent and capacity and have the idea which one you like to buy. We will come out in pieces of this lens.

Let me show you what is inside the tube and formed not just in single lens. 

Lens Function
The Shape of the Lens and receive into the image sensor.

When you look for the lenses that you are going to buy for the next one, first you have to understand what type of lens. Look at your camera body, what brand? For example your camera is Nikon, you have to chose Nikon lens or nikkor lenses type. And if you have a Cannon camera you have to choose Canon EF lenses type.

Types of Lens
The Type of Lens and its power how to build up in one tube.

The price of lens may be high when:

  • 14 mm-24 mm  f/2.8
  • 70 mm-200 mm  f/2.8

The 14 mm-24 mm lens has the wide focal length view and very good in weddings, portraits, it means closer and wide view backgrounds. The depth of field is sharp.

While the 70 mm-200 mm lens has the ability to shoot long distance in focus the subject and very good in wildlife and sports. You don’t need to go near the subject just rotate the lens, use the magnification. To focus on the subject even far away.

All DSLR camera has interchangeable lenses but not all types of lenses are match to the camera of DSLR. The DSLRs camera has different mounting attached to the body camera. Manufacturers of cameras offers their best lenses in different sizes of their brand line.

Remember that the lens function is to focus the subject. Great shot images came from practice focusing either using by your hand or in tripod use. You can buy a camera lens you feel right for you. Your choice with confidence not because popular of the lens you see only in the advertisement.

The important is you have basic knowledge of the lens. To look the lens, you have to examine the aperture, on the opening how you will see it. Is it narrow opening? Is that what you want? Or just the standard.

Your focus here is what type of field you want to prepare for shooting to be your favorite or first step. You feel most of the time in your shooting. What you choose is a good thing to do and master your own work.

Types of Lens
The two types of lens and understand the amount angle of view inside the lens, the longer of lens the larger of view-the higher magnification. The shorter the lens the wider of view-the lower magnification.

Familiar with the number around the lens. Those numbers are not the actual length of the lens. In the lens we called it focal length.

Focal Length

Focal length is the calculation of optical distance from the subject where light rays converge to create sharp image going to focal-plane shutter. The focal length of any lenses will determine, when you focus the lens at very end or the Infinity.

  1. Angle of View
  2. Magnification

Angle of view is the total of the scene is captured.

Magnification is the large of image, how large of size and every single elements will be.

In the focal length of lens the longer the focal length the narrow of angle view which higher the magnification. The shorter focal length the wider angle of view, the lower magnification.

Shows you the wider of focal length of your lens. For example, if you have lens of 18mm to 140mm. Or 24mm to what? Or 35mm to what? And so on.. Understand your lens capabilities.
Focal Length 55mm
Shows the image from 55mm focal length, the background showing getting decrease when focusing the subject.
Focal length distance of 135mm to much closer the subject.
The Longer the lens, the larger the image subject, decreasing the background image of field. When the lens adjust to magnification.

Select the Best Lens for You

If you like picturing a flower in your garden or if you want closer photographing anything that close to you. Like for example face of your cute dog, a cat, your food in a plate or whatever you cooked that you want to display as portrait, or you want to share your friends.

For this closer picture of the subject you will need shorter lenses. 35mm lens is better because of wide background that will achieve in frame. It is great of focusing near the subject experience. It Is better a beginner to start focus the near subjects. There’s a lot of things that you can do to capture near you, close to you.

More unto this are low light you will use with a great shot. Easy settings for shorter lens. Easy to remember. If you practice every you will become professional Photographer. 

If you are beginner master first in one lens, before going to buy many lenses. Did you know that if you have many lenses there are chances that your lens mirror become contaminated with dust.

So take your time for one lens and master it. You have to take care of your lens camera. Avoid bumps in a hard objects and walls, covered it well when not in use.

What If I have Already New lens On My Camera? 

If you have already a new lens, you can remove on your camera the attached lens, then install the new lens but before attempting to change the lens, bring downward the camera then remove the lens.

This is for your camera to protect from dust going inside the reflex mirror. Avoid windy times when changing your lens chances of dust coming in.

You know what happens if have a dust into the mirror? It will appear black dot when taking pictures appear in the image. For this if happen, you have to buy cleaner for your mirror for your camera.

Avoid falling down your lens. Keep it in the bag. Always cover the lens front of cap, do not lost the lens cap some photographers they use tied up the cap with strings attached to camera.

Variety of Lens
Sizes of the Lens and their range of depth of field.


If you have any questions please leave me below and I will be more than happy to help you out.




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