What is the Best Camera for Beginners – The Decision to Buy

Perhaps your looking for a digital camera. But maybe you have a question for yourself, what is the best camera for beginner. We will try to dig down below.

Take note this simple idea.

To have a digital camera it should :

  • Clear Image result.
  • 24 megapixel
  • Long life battery
  • With LCD screen (3 in)
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Able to transfer photos to your smartphone.
  • Auto focus lens
  • With manual mode and auto mode.
  • Able to read 16GB memory card.
  • High capacity for ISO (for dark area)

Your first thought was to have a digital camera, but maybe don’t yet better idea what is the best camera for you as a beginner, here is my suggestion and probably it will give you right direction, so continue to read below, and then make your decision.

The beginner Meaning.

Beginner Meaning
Word Beginner

You want to learn a skill or take part in an activity.

The difference between rich information device and the limited information.

Mobile Phone with Camera versus DSLR Camera

I’m sure you will not agree with me if I say, use smartphone  to start shooting as a first step to better photographer.

Until now I didn’t hear someone develope skills in photography, and improve shooting talent that start from mobile phone. Almost everybody using mobile phone with camera, and the pictures from mobile phone are common to see. Whatever the angle you use or zoom in is limited in the subject from mobile phone.

Fix Lens and Interchangeable Lens

The year 2019, there are so many digital camera in the market and many people are buying their own choices either with small lens or with bigger lens camera.

Some, don’t mind why there are cameras design that are fixed lens in the camera, and also others camera are removable lens to change for variety of  lens.(interchangeable lens).

Some of Unexpected to Happen in the Camera

The most part of the person thought was to have a nice photo, when he or she is going to take a picture from his new digital camera.

In general you want only to take a picture. You just look in the camera where to find the shutter button located and aim then shots finish. The time will come and need the attention to the camera is when the camera has the problem. That will make you to think about.

Reading the Manual book

Excited to Shooting versus Reading sometimes complicated when this two are fighting in your mind and the realizing is always at the end. The lack of reading of the manual book  has to avoid it. But it was allowed not to read maybe because of the low quality of printed words, and the characters are too small and tempting you not to continue to read the manual book.

As for the beginner

What is in the camera can do while you are using it? What are the new features to learn from the camera? Remember this, don’t believe if someone says this camera is good for beginner so start with this small camera.

Don’t start with the camera if that camera is limited function, look into the average today. It is not the old one and not the latest one. Take the in between line up camera if you have a wish to be great photographer.

Decide to One Time Buying

If you choose small camera it’s big difference, it will only give you limited information within the camera, so the correct one is that you can start with the line up of latest digital camera for you to be a professional Photographer.

It is a short cut way of learning and lead to better photography professional experience than buying small camera with limited settings and unsatisfied result images. I have come to know the idea after having and experienced the small camera line up to step in the real world of photography using digital camera.

So do rational, avoid multiple buying and not yet satisfied and another one, the short term camera is simply not worked best for me.

The Planning

Take note this following.

  • Your budget for the camera.
  • Powerful enough camera.
  • The Complete kit.
  • Well known brand.
  • Be Happy with it.
  • Practice shooting and setting.
  • Keep safe both, You and the Camera

If you are a beginner in photography and planning to buy a new digital camera or DSLR camera here is a simple way and same way as I bought my Nikon D7100 and I’m so happy with it for two years now.

You are going to step a new level of profession and this talent is in demand in every place and in the future and many industries will continue to look photos to present their products to the world.

Images is the shortcut instead of long written explanation. Photos are the most effective way of information to get you action and decisions quick when it publishes in the newspaper, television, share to social media, stores online photos of products.

The source of all these images are from digital camera or DSLR camera and the photographer skills continue to improve their work and save on file for future use or for sale.

Your Budget for New Camera.

Avoid thinking little. Imagine the big picture and you can show your piece of talent. You have to understand that you are selecting unique talents and you have to improve your talent to be a professional photographer. Go further and don’t compare others. All experts begin with a beginner.

Be wisely to choose the camera. 

Below $1000 US is the best decision to buy camera for beginner for my suggestion. You will not be disappointed. You probably don’t know how to operate your camera because of excitement and start shooting without reading the manual book for your camera, but you just have to be patient.

Take more time, you have already the camera, all day is yours. I bought my Dslr Nikon in the year 2017 at price of $920 US with lens 18-140mm VR(vibration reduction) the lens is built in manual focus and auto focus (M/A).

When I bought this camera it included the following :

  • Body camera and lens
  • SD card 16GB
  • Camera Bag
  • Tripod
  • Cleaning kit
  • Guide book
  • USB cable
  • Charger

In the Amazon I found that there is choices of lens attached in the camera body and you can select which one you like. Only note that the shorter lens the wider view of the subject. The longer lens, the closer of view of the subject. For example, 18-105mm lens and 18-140mm lens.

The lens is great and I can use near and far shooting. The price of the Lens 18-140mm VR if you buy alone it ranges to $280 US so better you buy of package and the price has of discount.

Lower Price Now than Before

Let me share with you after I bought the camera and then you may have also had an idea, you know when this camera release in 2013 the price is too high for me, and I don’t have the money.

The price almost triple my salary. Just dreaming but I really like the camera.

What I did is to wait. What I noticed is that the price every single year it changes and something like the sale decrease in $67 US after a year. So I wait another year and year until the price little down at the right time I will grab it. I’m happy and finally after 4 years I got the camera that I was waiting for a long time .

Powerful Enough Camera.

Have the information for you to know the lowest price and the expensive one digital camera. Jump in the middle price between the lowest and highest price would be the best and analyze what are the missing features that the other camera doesn’t have, by analyzing the camera you can decide quickly what you really want to and satisfied before you buy for your own dslr camera. At that point you are in the correct place in the situation of new learning and starting in photography.

Features of some dslr camera. 

Dslr camera
Power of Digital Camera today.

The Complete kit.

Buy the whole, what is offered and promo is a big difference than from buying one by one accessory. You can save money and if you want to look at the other company items could be little amount higher. Have a trust the store offers and packages.

Look the trust online store by many like of Amazon. If you found other new online products and offers much lower prices then you can Google search if it is legit for example type in search bar the name then scam?

Example: made in china online scam?

AD stores online scam?

How to avoid scams online? (if you want to build a business online and grow your business here’s the complete training.)

You can search to make sure that you will not get scammed. That’s what I did if I had a doubt I hadto go quick to Google search bar while on net and type the name and click you can see the numbers complainant on site and people who are scammed by the group of scammer online. So be very careful too.

Well known brand.

Select the best brand from all your knowledge and information their years of service in industry. Take advantages of years warranty offers.

The availability of the accessories are wide in the market as well. It is easy to inform them once you have the problem with your product after purchase if any but I’m sure not at all it is just because they are expert already and they care about the quality of the product and the customer.

They are 24/7 customers service. So most of the time has little chance complain those trusted suppliers, or online stores.

Be Happy with It.

Desire for big picture from your camera that you would create not just for your mobile phone. You have to look forward you work with the same camera you are using in the next 10 years.

There is always difference between the two of mobile phone lens and your dslr camera lens. The mobile phone has small lens and most aperture is built in constant and only the shutter speed and ISO are auto adjust.

There are the best lenses you can choose from for best close up picture and the clarity superior.

Happy Beginner Photographer
Seagull dive for fish several times. Photo by Ed at Jeddah Red Sea Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Practicing shooting and setting.

Memorize the behavior of Aperture, Shutter speed, and the ISO in camera when every time you go to shot. Remember your settings and how to correct your previous problem.

You will notice that if you change the shutter speed the other two will have an impact on aperture and ISO. For beginners that are not sure how to use the settings don’t worry.

Look at this M, A, S, P in the camera.

The dslr camera has a guide for beginner photographer. To do this, sets the dial to A Aperture priority mode. This A mode will automatically control the shutter and the ISO.

Aperture for Beginner to look
“A” aperture


Same to do the S shutter priority and P for program. The S or shutter will automatically control your aperture and the ISO. If you are starting shooting either of these two you have to remember the details of camera says there on screen or an LCD. I think you can learn quickly.

You soon have the knowledge of your settings and will not be able to use the automatic. The professional Photographer uses M Manual mode and sometimes Aperture priority and Shutter priority mode.


Keep Safe Both, You and the Camera.

Take care for you camera and yourself. The camera is expensive so take good care the body and lens. I understand that the photographer has to be patient specifically for birds that will come to back on the nest and take the best angle to shoot.

Survey first the area in day time for safety look around. Have time to search the perfect place for you to shot. Avoid any problems that could damage you camera and yourself. Avoid falling the camera from tripod or breaks you LCD. Holes in the and creek and snake in the trees. Take care always.

Enjoy shooting…

If you have any questions about what is the best camera for a beginner photographer please leave me below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


6 comments on “What is the Best Camera for Beginners – The Decision to Buy

  1. Thank you for this amazing tips. I really enjoyed reading your article, mostly because I want to start taking photos as a hobby. At the moment, I still can not decide what camera to get, but I will look into your tips and recommendations in order to make my decision.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading.

      It’s important for you to know before you buy and ready for the camera to make you comfortable.
      Anytime you can visit here.


  2. I used to have a Nikon camera and I loved taking pictures, but now having a great android phone with a camera I find myself using the Nikon less and less and that seems to be the reality of the camera. Great article.

    1. Mobile phone with camera truly easy to carry, taking pictures is so quick and post on social media are quite easy.

      However, the aperture of mobile phones’ camera is built in constant aperture, the shutter speed and ISO are automatic to determine the reading from sensor to light what the device can read or receive, and does not mean it is exactly the correct exposure.

      Probably all professional Photographer knows better the performance of DSLR camera and maintain the high quality of results images compared to small lens from mobile camera.

      Thanks Kimberly for your time. Anytime you can visit here.


    1. Thanks Steve,

      Although mobile phones can make photos, there are times when you need to enlarge the size you will notice the grain in the photo like black small particles start to appear.

      The dslr camera has more adjustment to make it clear and sharp and prevent the grain on the image and the photo can be use any size of printing if wanted.


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