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What is ISO on A Camera

Iso Speed Triangle
ISO speed with shutter and aperture

Have you heard about  ISO? In camera there are three important settings to look at, and one of these is called the ISO, but What is ISO on A Camera can make? and how to use this, let me show you how to use that.

Okay, what you see in the right side screen shot is the exposure triangle with numbers below. Those numbers are also called speed numbers. To quick understand the ISO, this is the light and dark in your image that can be adjusted into your dslr camera.

If you want to increase the number of ISO, the image will bright when you take picture, and if you decrease the number of your ISO it will darken your image and can be analize in your lcd screen. See how the difference when adjust these settings.

Increase ISO

You can use to increase the ISO when your surroundings becoming dark or in night shot or inside your house. You will see that result. By pressing your left thumb the ISO will appear in your LCD screen, and dial moving to the right from your right thumb in the upper portion of camera shoulder.

You can start your ISO speed from 100 to 1600 ISO or more. Below you can see the advance setting if you go to higher or lower numbers and results to darker or lighter.

Looking ISO

Don’t be troubled about the numbers what you see above, look first the right side in the portion of ISO. As you can see from the top is 100, it means less of light or almost none but you can’t notice this, unless you increase to 200 and so fort. It becomes lighter and lighter and brighter as you increase to 1600 or to the maximum ISO.

Then, what is grainy that said? It is more grainy as you increase the ISO, the more light you apply the possible chance to be grainy.

Grainy means like small dot, square dot, or like pixels if you zoom in, blur small dots. This means not to sharp, this also called “noise” something like many disturbing particles around the image if you zoom in.

Grainy Grainy Image Sharp Sharp Image Falcon

For better see image, right click to open new tab.

See the difference from grainy image to sharp image, the sharp image is controlled of ISO, mostly use 100 to 400. Grainy happens most in dark areas when you perform then take a shot with high ISO.

ISO in Wikipedia


A system for quantifying the sensitivity (“speed“) of a photographic emulsion, or a solid-state digital-camera’s image sensor, to visible light. Normally followed by a numerical value, e.g.: ISO 100 or ISO 64/19°. Developed from the ASA and the DIN systems by the International Organization for Standardization.
ISO in Digital cameras or DSLR and SLR.

When ISO is Use?

Decrease ISO

To decrease the ISO when you are in bright surrounding area, the bright outside is enough to enter the amount of light to your lens going to the sensor image.

Middle ISO

I use middle ISO when I’m going to take shot with cloud outside and subject is wild birds, and I make apply more ISO if I’m not satisfy by the light in the image.

  • ISO 400
  • ISO 800

You can start from 400 ISO to see the image result after shooting in cloudy sky and your shutter speed 125s, 200s, 250s to 500s. Try increase or decrease until you like the picture.

Practice ISO Shooting

The best is to practice your ISO settings and make shots even hundreds of times until you understand and balance the light for your image that looks better or beautiful enough. That your own eyes will love the Image you took a picture.

Understanding ISO to shutter and aperture

You know, you can’t produce images without this two they shutter and the aperture. You see above a triangle? That is the exposure triangle, soon you will understand how to use this in dslr camera, you have to remember that you control the settings not over exposed or under exposed. Aperture and shutter speed are the companion of this ISO, just like you have a coffee with 3 in one to make great taste experience you have to control not over or not under exposure.

If you have any questions about what is ISO on a camera please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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