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What is DSLR means

DSLR Video button

People still search in google what is DSLR means, the DSLR can make video recording compared to SLR Camera which cannot. Now, you can understand here what really mean. DSLR is digital single lens Reflex. To get quick understanding for this camera, it is built in digital system with electronic LCD and more buttons in the camera body for settings to function.

DSLR means that the lens can be removable in camera body and can change to another lens.

This is come from SLR term or single lens reflex, this SLR is manual camera and if you remember the photographer use for this negative film, each 1 roll of film is 36 shots and there is 24 shots only.

SLR Camera

They open at the back of the camera to install the film manually. Now, in dslr more on push button with LCD for easy to look the numbers of your settings in small panel.

The Advantage Of DSLR, nice fit in hand.

The advantage of dslr is that you can shoot rapidly by holding your index finger on shutter button and shooting continuously until your fingers off the shutter button. The purpose of this dslr is to use the automatic mode or you can use the manual mode.

So, this dslr is built for automatic and manually in one single camera combined with rechargeable battery. Let’s dig down why dslr and what are more of this purpose.

  • Auto mode / Manual mode
  • Shutter Speed
  • Program mode
  • Single shot
  • Continuous Low shot
  • Continuous High shot

This is what you are going to look in dslr camera body and lens as well. The lens for dslr, has also auto and manual mode to switch on from your finger in the lens, if you are going to select auto or manual.

The camera body is built as an additional in this camera and become digital, by putting the D – in SLR letters and it means Digital SLR and it means, no need for negative film for dslr camera, for dslr camera photographer use SD card to create the pictures, SD card can store a thousand of pictures and can be deleted anytime then reused the space in the SD card.

Auto mode / Manual mode

For beginners that already have of dslr camera they can enjoy using auto mode without any settings needed. Just set to auto mode then shoot whatever you want and how many of pictures you to save. It is automatic and it means that the camera is in control by itself in any picture you are going to click. The camera will auto adjust the exposure if you set to auto. It control the shutter speed, it control the aperture, and the ISO

In the manual mode you have to manual set up before you are going to click your camera. You have to set the shutter speed how much speed number you want and your aperture how you control the light would penetrate through your lens, and for ISO how you will need more to apply brightness or decrease the light for your image.

Program mode

Program mode is same as the auto mode but different function, program mode is the settings if you want to set the shutter speed and it will auto control your aperture to balance the result of your picture. If you are going to program the aperture it will auto control the shutter speed.

Two things to learn this more is important to you the Aperture and the Shutter speed. Then learn also how to apply the ISO.

Single shotSingle shot

When you set to S, it means single shot. You will do the half press then to full press for your final shot. What you see in the right side image is set to single shot align in white dot into “S” and the other white mark dot is to “M” manual mode.

The center black button like pin that you see is to unlock if you are going to twist the dial simply press down the black button. Note this is two layer dial, see that two white mark dot, one for M, A, S, P, auto, flash control, scene, u1, u2, effects and the other one below is the S, CL, CH, timer, (Q) Quite shot, MUp or mirror up.

U1 – is for video recording “U” means user

U2 – is the same for video recording, so you have here two settings for your video.

MUp – means mirror up, this is use for astrological photography. in the clear night sky you can photograph stars. The mirror inside the camera will open up so that the image sensor can let read outside image to capture. You will need a tripod to avoid camera shake so that the image not blur.

Continuous Low shot

This continuous low shot or (CL) start to rapidly shot in on press and hold the index finger in the shutter button. I use this shooting in birds diving into water for catching fish. I have pictures this birds diving in the water and beautiful photos for at least you have lens of 300 mm would be a great because you can focus near and crop the image after you take a picture.

Continuous High shot

You see this CH means continuous high in the dial of the camera. This is so rapid shot and more speed sounds of clicks you can hear. This is use for fast moving subject like any sports, high speed flying birds or flash of water in the air you can catch this and you can see even small drop of water in focus, if you have longer lens.

The power of this shots is 6 frames per second, meaning if you hold press the shutter button it makes six click sound you can hear before of two seconds. In one second you have six image and it continuously click as you hold your finger.

That is the DSLR camera means  more on digital functions and advance when it comes to setting to make the user easy to use what desire function he wants. The user for dslr need some time to study the buttons and that’s it. Until today the dslr can make great pictures produce even more sharp images.

Video Tutorial

Here’s one video tutorial all the buttons for this dslr are explained, a review of DSLR camera nikon d7100.

If you have any questions about what is dslr means please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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