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What Is Aperture In Camera?

Lens Aperture
Aperture/ Opening

I was in high school when I heard my father say’s about what is aperture in camera? and how to understand it, and use it, when the availability of light in your surrounding area at present. If you look the lens carefully and try to twist slowly the ring surface, you will notice that the center hole change its size inside. What is the use of this? The use of this aperture in your dslr camera or SLR is to control the amount of light that comes inside going to the sensor image of your camera.

What Is the use of Aperture?

The Basic

Let us give more understanding of this before you click the camera. This is like our window in the house if we close the window no light would come in. In the lens if we rotate to small size, little amount of light will come in.

Now, let’s move forward the understanding of rotating the ring of the lens, if you rotate the lens into large number, like f/8 the aperture decrease the size of lens hole, its small. Then if you rotate the lens into smaller number, like f/1.4 then the aperture is become larger opening.


That is the opening, you can see how the lens and your apertures will work when it comes to control the light that you let to come in. You control the light going to the sensor image. The sensor image is the maker of your picture every time you click, that made in that area. We will explain that later here, the sensor image on how it affects from your aperture. So, remember you are the controller the amount that light would come in.

Don’t worry there are numbers to see and easy to memorize, in the surface of the lens ring, it could be like 16, 11, 8, 5.6, 4, 2.8, and 2. But to understand, this is the f/stops, or f/ratio. For example if you rotate into another number like 11 to 8 or to any numbers it locks every single number, you can feel in your hand as you rotate.

The numbers


Remember the f/stops

The f is symbol of aperture example f/5.6 . The red above is a mark indicate your distance, and apertures. The white symbol of like figure 8 horizontal that is infinite, it means that you can take a picture in a wide and long distance that the camera can make clear focus even in long distance because your lens set to infinite. The f/5.6 aperture it means that the opening is not larger or smaller. You can use this setting with no sun or too much of bright light. f/5.6 mostly use for indoor and use the flash of your camera.

You can understand easily. You can see the numbers how your aperture is set. Manual camera and automatic or auto focusing have been combine in dslr camera since year 1998 first release. You can set the camera to auto without adjusting to it, once you set to auto the camera will auto adjust itself every time you take a shot. The camera will auto adjust the shutter speed, auto adjust the aperture and also it auto adjust the ISO.

If Set to AUTO it controls the:

  1. shutter in the shutter for example if you are shooting a flying bird, if you click or take a shot for a bird the shutter speed will make exact shutter speed to freeze the bird image. But there is a technique when you do to clear the image result, to do that as you aim the flying bird make sure you have your index finger ready in the shutter button on it already in HALF press, then when the focus point on your screen appear then that is the time to FULL press as your final shot.
  2. Aperture – the aperture will auto adjust itself when shutter speed begins to shot, it allows the necessary amount of light to as the shutter speed work.
  3. ISO – it will auto adjust the ISO when it begins to what the shutter speed and aperture the right exposure control, the ISO will add the need or contribute additional light if its dark, for example if you are taking picture in the beach at night, the flash will auto to open and come out the light. But the ISO it is the sensitivity is to light in the area of your image.

In the above I explained when the automatic is set, it auto covers the three important exposure in digital cameras. Now, what happens the aperture if your camera is set to manual mode? how to be use? again the answer is determined first your surrounding light, the availability of light then adjust your aperture. To know the result of this, you just take a few shots then make adjustment, then see what happen? make it higher opening or lower opening? you can easily memorize this if you practice and practice the shooting.

Back the understanding of aperture manual mode

Now we know that aperture in the lens is the opening that control only by you how the amount of light that comes-in going to the sensor image. In the old camera that uses negative film (manual camera SLR), it is now sensor image in the dslr camera then transmit in the SD card and SD card reads the image. But there is no difference in reading the image either negative film for SLR camera or sensor image from digital camera, it matters what aperture is set and your image is the results.

Conclusion to the use of Aperture

Dont forget to know the light before taking pictures when you are in manual mode. No need to give more light if the light is bright, remember the sensor image is sensitive it either over exposure or under exposure it is just because of your aperture that set and you control or adjust on this, to large opening or smaller opening.

So, if you have any question about what is aperture in camera just leave me below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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4 thoughts on “What Is Aperture In Camera?

  1. Hello Edilberto, it’s one very great article you have here and learning about aperture in photography  is very good because I have been meaning a few things about it and it’s been really fun finally getting to learn something that I have interest in and I’ve just bought a camera to practice all that I have been learning so far. 

    1. Great for you Justin to have one camera and you know what? while you practice shooting and a little memorize the settings the button its really fun, and you can discover and experience new things once you understand the function surely you will enjoy it.

      Your Friend,


  2. I have heard a lot about aperture in photography but never understand in details what the word meant until now. Your article was really informative and eye opening but also self explanatory and in-depth enough that I was able to get an insight into what an aperture is and what its purpose is. Thank you for sharing this article. 

    1. Hi Beesean, you’re welcome.
      Aperture is one of the most important to understand first in the camera than the shutter speed and ISO. It is the opening to receive natural light from outside, and the light outside is perfect than the artificial light from your camera the built-in flash. Although we use flash if really need, but slightly different amount of light it’s hard to control unless the users can mastered enough how to use the flash.
      Thank you for visiting my site and I’m much appreciate your comment.
      Your friend.

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