Fri. Sep 18th, 2020

Learn DSLR Basics

Care Camera Basic

If you have dslr camera and you are a beginner, do not jump to other settings if you’re not sure but first learn dslr basics and everything is fine. Some other folks use handbook as their guide before go to settings, some go to YouTube channel to watch video tutorial. But still some are not understood the whole technique handling the camera and get trouble and sometime panic when there’s urgent to shot. What are this basics that we want to look?

  • Proper handling the camera
  • Look the setting mode and lens
  • When changing lens
  • Avoid face the sun when shooting
  • Remove battery if not using the camera

Not just only practicing shooting that makes perfect, it is your imagination that makes advance in any scenario that comes. Do not focus on handling camera, use your eyes and look the surrounding feel the wind, know the bright light, your position relax but smart.

Proper handling the camera

Avoid Falling Camera

How to carry on your camera? what is the proper handling the camera, some users take extra bag for their camera although when you bought the camera from store sometime they include bag and sd card. Protection is your priority to your camera, remember that it is expensive it needs care. keep in mind that you are not going to camera technician to pay after your a year warranty. Take note the two major problem and what cause of damage that you want to avoid.

  • Avoid falling down your camera
  • Avoid contaminate with water

Follow your thoughts, just like you are caring your mobile phone.

Look the setting mode and lens

always look what is set in mode, manual mode or auto mode and of course the lens check also if it is in auto focus or in manual focus.

When changing lens

When changing lens make sure you are in the right place, do not to remove your lens in windy situation or in dusty area. Dirt inside the camera specially in the reflex mirror is difficult to clean and there are chances you will accidentally scratch the surface.

Avoid face the sun when shooting

Avoid facing the sun when shooting subject because it reflex to the lens.

Remove battery if not using your camera

for safety you can remove the battery from your camera to make sure the battery has no leak of liquid, some of of old battery start to leak inside the camera and it could contaminate the other function.

if you have any question about learn dslr basics please leave them below and i will be more than happy to help you out.

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