DSLR Camera Sample Pictures – Photo Editing Better Images

There’s nothing wrong with your camera, let me show you from DSLR camera sample pictures. Its just to correct the proper settings and later I use simple tools applying in the image or editing to more good looking.

Sample Pictures from DSLR :

Caught on dslr camera are the following :

  • Sea Bird took a fish from water.
  • Sea Bird dive in close up. (crop image).
  • Sunset view.
  • Edit image of bird before and after.
  • Edit image of sunset view before and after.

The Excitement to have a DSLR camera.

Two years ago I bought my Nikon camera from Saudi Arabia. Below are my sample pictures from my Nikon camera. In the past two years I didn’t concentrate on camera. I have some other job to focus. I am working in plastic company for many years.

I have basic knowledge in photography. I’ve learned things from my father about the settings.

I’ll never expect that there is more exciting things that I have to experience in learning the dslr camera. I thought I know already how use the camera. The truth is that I don’t understand some button in camera what’s the function. What I only know is that the Shutter button, Aperture in the lens, adjusting ISO speed. A thought to confidence that l have already experienced in photo shooting but I am wrong, really wrong.

At Facebook I learn

Until I join some group in Facebook for Nikon users I start to enjoy using my camera, and make my experiment then take a shot outside and do some setting to where is the good picture and how the Shutter speed affects to the aperture and ISO. So I keep practicing every time I try to think what if I use this shutter speed example 1/500s? What’s gonna be my aperture (f/stops) and my ISO?

I keep practicing shooting and do changes settings, Because examined other post on their parameters in Facebook and try to make my own shots. My advice to the beginners is to know first the availability of light what you see at that point(your surrounding area). Feel the needing light and imagine of quantity of light that are going to travel into your lens (your Aperture is? example f/5.6, f/8 f/11 or f/1.4 etc.)

Showing Sample Pictures

It is a great idea for posting sample pictures with parameters included in the photo is a big help to the beginners it gives primary guide settings. A guide on how to do closer and proper set up. The best way for you is to practice in your spare time for shooting. To do this, make a one setting for triangle exposure for example stick one shutter speed and adjust your aperture and ISO.

Make a variety shots for one shutter speed but you adjust the aperture and your ISO. Like for example 1/250s (shutter), f/11 (apertures), 100 ISO. You make several shots for this until you feel you already understood and make another adjustment of aperture and ISO but same shutter speed of 1/250s.


Bird with fish
From original shot
Process to look better

Here’s another… 

Bird dive in water
Original shot from camera
Process image to look amazing
Jeddah Sunset
Jeddah Sunset. While walking at the park and when the sun goes down.
Jeddah Sunset 2

Better Auto focus is a quicker than your hand

Check your lens is built in auto focus (AF) switch to auto focus. Remember to half press the shutter button and you feel something your lens working focusing then it suddenly quite then gently full press down, just gently press to avoid vibration of the camera. Vibration of the camera causes the image to blur. When you do shooting chose your image size to small or medium file. The large file could shorten your card memory.

So it is better for a beginner to set and use small size images as you start shooting after you bought your new camera at least a month. Practice shooting makes you easier after a month.

If you have any questions about using your camera please leave me below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Your Friend,


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