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Hi there, my name is Edilberto Jr Ortega. Welcome to my website.

My First Use of Manual Camera

Manual Camera
Old Camera that use film

I was 7 when I first saw the view finder of the manual camera and tried to see what was inside there so moving my eye down and up looking around inside the view finder with a smile.

I feel I was like filming and happy that moment,Edilberto Jr Ortega Delos Reyes picture I felt that I was a Director of film making a movie. I continually smile because of joy.

But because I was taught by my father how to use the camera and it sinks into my brain little by little of some Information about the manual camera.

And I was then familiar to it, even though it is not my interest, at that time my interest is drawing, drawing in a paper of any kind of drawing is best for me as a kid.

But I can’t separate the camera from my sight because the camera is part already in our house.

Every day in the morning my father has to photograph customers for their requirement ID picture to use for applying job purposes to government employee and school teachers, and students.

At that time the picture was use in black & white, the need size of 1X1 ID and most popular in our province.

I knew that my father business as a photographer since I was not born. And since in his childhood his father (my grandfather) also a photographer.

Dark Room
The Dark Room in red light bulb

I saw in dark room how to develop the negative film and turned into a transparent image appearance, and drying the film and proceed to postcard, all the process can be done in dark room.

I saw how the image from negative film printing into the postcard, and I heard my father counts then close lights from shadowing to the postcard.

Enlarger for photos
Enlarger for negative film is insert with light inside, and there is open and close to expose your postcards by counting in seconds only 6 or up to 10 seconds depending the negative film image.

Then the postcard put into mixed developer with water. And dry the postcard with picture and done.

As I go in high school I started to involve carrying the camera, assisting my father’s job. I start learning basic steps of manual camera.

I learned that every time I started shooting I have to check the settings of my lens and the shutter. For example if I’m inside the house, I have to slightly open the lens.

And if I’m going to shoot outside the house on sunny day I have to decrease the opening of lens. This is called the Aperture that I want to practice calculating the Exposure.

I Didn’t Concentrate on Camera many years

Many years I didn’t concentrate on the camera I find my way to education so I continued to go school.

And I take the course bachelor of science in zoology I’m planing after four years course to proceed doctor of medicine.

And after my college in university, my plan to proceed medicine is hard for me because of financial problem.

I move in the city to look for a job. I work in a hospital as clerk inside pharmacy and I worked there not long, then apply another job and another job and so on. Then I applied to worked abroad started year 1997.

I worked in Taiwan for 3 years, and I even didn’t think to buy camera or SLR for my own. Maybe a confident inside me that my father already had a camera, instead I had a new mobile phone my first cellphone.

There are more than devices for personal use I buy from which are not related to photography I don’t know why. Maybe at that time I expected something waiting for me but don’t know what it is.

I Observed the SLR camera and DSLR camera

It was year 2000 when I noticed that the camera start to a new design.

What I know in the SLR means is Single-Lens Reflex-mirror and because now of advance technology the digital applied to the camera to make more easy to use and high quality image and camera body features as well as the lens.

DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex-mirror is now most all professional Photographer is used.

My Basic Safety of the Camera

As a kid. Quite heavy at the time when first handle the camera, first thing to do how to care for the camera and my father reminds me not to fall down the camera on the ground.

So the strap always on my neck. Most part of the camera tempted to get damage is the lens. I remember I accidentally damaged the lens and difficult to fix it.

So I learned a lesson after using my focusing I have to return it back to its normal position after I use it. This is to avoid hard contact to the wall.

I was trained in most indoor shooting mode and the settings for the aperture was f/5.6 and for the Shutter is 1/60 and flash connected or attached on the top of camera.

To attach the flash on camera you have to slide the base of the flash aligned the rail then push forward till fit then lock it by twisting to the right the ring plastic.

Just to make sure your flash not to slide backward towards you, that the purpose of lock in the flash.

We always buy battery for the flash until the rechargeable battery arrives and you can buy it from the manufacturer.

The most important to care for your camera is to avoid any falling in the ground or avoid any contact with water. Keep on bag if not use, avoid cold temperatures and hot condition.

Because one day maybe you will notice your lens has a dust or something cloud inside. It is moisture that creates marks inside.


Why I want to help People

I am here to you to help you as a beginner in photography, I share my experience and thoughts about the camera.

I have many mistakes using the camera but I reexamine my fault and I learned and understood.

It is very important to you to start your own and get the best idea of what you are going to do and practice with the camera.

Someday you will understand how to use the dslr camera and someday you become a professional photographer.


The Goal of My Site

My goal of this site is to provide you information on how to use the dslr camera and anything you need to know about the camera. If you have any problem and don’t understand please leave message below.

I will continue to make posts and pages to help you more and give you more ideas, I will be your companion not only in photography.

But how to use your knowledge in photography and experience to combine to a solid foundation how to build. For this you will need to build your very own website if you’re ready and start anytime.

I started from free website and this how I build from siterubix platform and you can make one here. Create a name or title of your website, enter no space…

Example:  myhealthychoice

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Enter below.

If you ever need a hand or have

a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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